Monday, June 30, 2008

Rabbi Slifkin becomes a blogger!

In Hirhurim I saw some great news - Rabbi Nosson Slifkin, who has been at the center of one of the greatest (and unfair) controversies of the past years, is back in the spotlight this time as a blogger.

Rabbi Slifkin is a very cool guy and I am a fan of his work. He is unique in what he does - exploring the marvels of the animal world and exposing to us readers how amazing and surprising the world we live in is. For a guy like him, the blogosphere is the perfect channel for his unusual passion and I am certain he will get attention very quickly, from the good and from the bad guys.

This blog is a strong supporter of Slifkin's work and I will do all I can to help him grow. You shouldn't miss this blog.

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As I know Slifkin published an essay entitled In Defense of My Opponents in which he acknowledges that there is a reasonable basis for a ban on his books in certain communities