Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Comments on Spinner's Mi Sheshiken Remix

Yitzy Spinner came out with a free single a week or two ago (you may download from his website) and I now got the time to sit down and write about it.

This remix of Mi Sheshiken came as a surprise to me, first because few JM artists venture to produce freebies, and second because Mi Sheshiken, a good song but not Spinner's greatest hit, was seemingly an odd song for a remix - I thought Spinner would rather choose another of his many unrecorded compositions.

But this song is very, very well put together. It's a million times better than the original Mi Sheshiken and Spinner turned this average song into a very cool and edgy piece. The arrangement is more groovy (there's even a latin digression in 3:47), with smooth beats and strings, and Mike Boxer's vocal arrangements are, again, spotless. The Spinner-Boxer partnership is one of the brightest examples of how two musicians can complement each other. Boxer has the a great "musical balance" - he is able to come up with the best vocals harmonies without taking the spotlight away from the lead singer, Spinner. That's the secret of a good vocal arranger and Boxer just has it (I specially like his work between 1:18 and 1:35). Spinner also excelled and proved again how great he is at improvising, keeping the song interesting throughout the 4 minutes (his shtick in 3:37 was excellent).

So at the end, choosing Mi Sheshiken for a free single just somehow worked, highlighting Spinner's biggest assets - creativity and a great team of musicians behind him. As I mentioned in my You and I review I think Spinner is the next Yehuda! and I really look forward to hear his next albums.


Anonymous said...

I happen to love the song (both version actually, but in different ways).

If this wasn't his greatest hit, what was?

YK said...

Tzur, in my opinion, is better song and a more of a hit song.

But that's indeed debatable.


JoeFlix said...

Didnt like the album at first, but Im starting to like it. Im coming around slowly but surely.

Some blogger (?) mentioned that Yitzy plays on a couple of instruments. I think its very evident from the way he sings, all those half notes, sharps, flats and perfect - 100% flawless - pitch.

He reminds me of Elton John, not so much in range as in perfectionism and Micro-note-singing (Is there such a word? Whats the Italian word for that?).

YK said...

I did receive by email your comment in JB about Spinner. I was going to tell you to be patient with this album, but I didn't wanted to stick my nose as your post was directed to him.

I also didn't like it in the first 2 times I hear it, but this is different than any other out there. It's fresh and original, sometimes even weird (see Lefonai) but still creative and new. Give it a chance!


A Jewish Music Insider said...

YK I must say that is a very interesting suggestion that he will be the new Yehuda! of Jewish music.
I'm wondering what makes you say that? Is it because you feel that vocally they have similarities or you feel he doesn't compete well vocally with the likes of Shwekey and Gabay?

YK said...


At the end of my You and I review I explained why, take a look.

But as your alter-ego likes to say - "we can always agree to disagree".


JoeFlix said...

"It's fresh and original, sometimes even weird (see Lefonai)"


Lefonai is such an odd choice of lyrics!!

JoeFlix said...

Is there a limit to how many comments may leave? I hope not.

Track #7 - Peeho - is getting to me. Its beautiful and a very unconventional Chuppa song. All those sharps, flats and harmonies. wow

I guess there are those who cater to thw wedding scene, and those, like MBD, Lipa, and now Spinner that try to transform it.

YK said...


I'm really sorry for the late response, I was away.

Peeho is actually my fav song of Spinner's album, and what surprised me was Mike Boxer's vocal arrangements - It added so much to this song.

Spinner's vocals were very very cool and edgy. Great song indeed


Levi said...

the song V'hoshiva was originally sung on Emes #1 by Shlomie Kaufman.

P.S when are you going to do a review
on Lipa new album?

YK said...


I did hear Emes 1 once years ago, but frankly I didn't even remember this song. Is it better than this version?

I'm planning to review Lipa as soon as his CD comes to israel - could be a few weeks.


Drum lover said...

Very interesting
I'm adding in RSS reader