Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt Video

This video is amazing (the first version has been around the web for a while but this final version was released just this week). I share with Matt the love for knowing new places but what really puzzled me here is his ability to unite people with just one premise - dance (in his own weird way). The idea is so similar, actually, identical to the Breslav movement you see so often in Israel (the dancing vans etc..), and man that really unites people. It has been said that Breslov was never as popular as they're now - you see their influence everywhere. From Adi Ran (wait for my next post about him) to the Jewish Tolkien, the excitement the Breslovers bring to Jewish life as a whole is remarkable. So what are you waiting for? DANCE!

[Here you can see footage that didn't make it to the final cut]

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