Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where the Hell is YK?

See where I am by clicking here
In the spirit of the video I posted earlier this week (Where the Hell is Matt), I found a way to show my current location to my readers through Navizon, an add-on for the iPhone. I'm always looking for ways to improve the interaction between me and the readers and since I'm in Israel, the most exciting country in the world, you will be able to follow me in my tours around the country or just in my daily schedule.

I'm probably one of the first bloggers to do that (most people never heard of Navizon and those who did are apparently afraid of stalking..) and although I'm a little afraid about exposing myself this much in the web, I think it's worth a try.

Navizon locates me in Google Maps but the annoying thing is that Google doesn't have detailed maps of Israel (which is very odd since they have offices here in Haifa and Sergei Brin is actually Jewish..), not even city names, so you will need to use your brains to understand where I am. But if you click in Satellite View, in Google Maps, there's a chance you will recognize the area around me. Right now I'm in Rechavia for example, and it's not difficult to recognize it if you have been here before.

For some reason you must zoom out as much as you can in Google Maps (press the - button many times) in order to spot me.

See you in Google Maps!


JoeFlix said...

This is tooooo cool. It is banned! Until you dont remove this from your blog, Im boycotting you!

YK said...

Specially now after Lipa's album is out, you should know that bans are not at all effective :))


JoeFlix said...
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YK said...

Hey, I'm sorry for the late response

I did see the lyrics translation in unbelipable, but I don't really like the concept of needing an explanation for lyrics.. Reminds me of lyrics translations I see in opera (bocelli, pavarotti) albums, from italian to english. Do we need the same in JM?


Dov Zahner said...

Hi.Im looking to buy acopy of the priority 1 video which came out a while back.(Featuring a live MBD concert.)I understand that it is currently out of print.But if anybody has a copy theyd be willing to sell me Iwould greatly appreciate it.Thanks alot.My email adress is dovzahner@yahoo.com

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