Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sad News: Terror Attack in Yafo Road Kills at Least Three People

For those of you just waking up in th US, today was a sad day in Jerusalem. An Israeli-arab, resident of east Jerusalem, was apparently working in the light-rail construction near Geula (where I learn everyday) and started his terror plan by driving a bulldozer deliberatly at buses and cars in Jaffa road. One car was flattened by the terrorist and at least other two buses full of passengers overturned causing injuries in at least 45 and setting the area in panic. In Israeli TV they showed a video of how the terrorist was stopped, with some very shocking images of two policeman climbimg in the bulldozer and shoting the monster.

The worst about this is that this idiot was an Israeli citizen, living in Israel, getting money from Israeli tax money and he still has the guts to go against Israel. And there's little Israel can do in response to this attack, since it didn't come from the "occupied" territories.

In short, we are living besides potential terrorists everyday here in Jerusalem and there's very little that can be done against it. The Merkaz Harav attack was also done by an Israeli-arab and I now hear today's terrorist is a cousin of the one of Merkaz Harav attack. It's a trend.

My conspiracy theory is that Hamas orchestrated the cease-fire expecting something like this would happen - a terrorist living in Israel - thus showing that Israel too can't hold terrorists back inside Israel. We need urgent measures and I think we are living now in the tipping point of this whole terrorism wave.

The same it's happening in England, Spain where Islamic native citizens turn against their home country killing innocents. We must stop them, first by taking away the citizenship from the family members of this terrorist - it's a family that grows terrorists. Why should they be allowed in Israel.

For a longer video click HERE.


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