Sunday, January 6, 2008

New! Shlomo Artzi singing in Yiddish

The story goes that Shlomo Artzi, Israel's most popular "chiloni" singer, was recording one of his songs in a Bnei Brak studio when he heard this Belze song being recorded next door. So he stormed in and asked to sing in it, because it reminded him of his grandfather, with his beard and Peyot.

The result is here in this new video and it's amazing, I'll try to get this album. Shlomo Artzi is so talented, he's really great at the slow tempo harmonies and he was able to "fit in" the song seamlessly. Don't miss this vid!


Anonymous said...

This has got to be pretty old - you see a much younger looking Avi Singolda (who is Artzi's live guitarist) at the end of the vid

YK said...

Maybe you are right then. i thought it was new because it was posted just yesterday on youtube


Lucky Wolf said...

and look at Mona with a Kipa Srugah, Old Stuff. but you’re right it was just put up on the internet, so it's a Pirsum Rishon.

Where did you get the background story for it? It definitely makes the video a lot more interesting!

YK said...

Check this (in hebrew):


BenNewman said...

oh, never heard him singing in Yiddish before :P

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Shlomo Artzi can take any song whatsoever and make it his. His ability to sing anything with emotion is nothing short of astounding!