Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Inside Man - Post from Sruly's Blog

Sruly, from Sameach, has a very interesting post on the inner workings of the JM industry. It's worth reading it - I specially liked this:

"If you want the album to sound truly magnificent you have to spend real money. I know technology has come a long way and it’s easy to do it in your friend’s basement. But to make a good album you need all the right ingredients. Sometimes you have to shop at a few different stores to get everything you need to prepare a proper gourmet meal."

Thanks JBlogmeister


Joel said...

This was in JE magazine on chanukah. Sruly retreaded it on his blog then the jewish blogmeister, then you. We need original posts not links to an old article.

YK said...

I rarely do this, I just read it and liked it, so why not post it.

But do not worry, I'm working in my HASC 20 review as we speak. This was just a by-the-way kind of post.


YK said...

btw, you asked for Spinner's review but never commented. I guess you tottaly agree with me!


Joel said...

I'll get on on it right away.

Anonymous said...

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