Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HDTV Ad in Israel

Following countless bans in the past years (like this one and this one), this ad came out in Israel just now. Only Jews could make such great fun of other Jews.


Joel said...

Pretty funny stuff. How about a review of an album people might actually buy. I bought the Spinner album, I am thoroughly impressed. His album is definitely atypical of most jewish music. His sound is fresh, and if i would compare his music to anyone it would be Yehuda! with a slightly better voice. Track six Lefonai is definitely a the hit of the album in my humble opinion.

YK said...

funny you ask, the spinner review is coming very soon. Hold on

Are you implying no one buys Six13, Michoel Pruzanski or shloime dachs? I can assure these albums outsell Spinner. Aaaanyways

happy chanukka

Jewish Blogmeister said...

As nice as six13 was it's a ridiculous statement to say it will outsell spinner.

YK said...

How can you know?

Six13 reportedly has a strong following in the secular acapella world, in addition to their fans in the JM market. Just check in the web how many websites reviewed the album.

But it's all speculation until someone gets access to the actual numbers.