Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Deal With Joel

In the YG post thread yesterday:

Joel: "(...) Perhaps you should have a top ten list of your favorite 90's songs. It would encourage dialogue of differing opinions."

YK: "(...) I like your sugestion and I have an idea. Write a list of your all-time top ten favorites and briefly explain why you like each song. I will do the same and I'll post both lists so we can compare. Deal?"

So a deal is a deal, so here it is my list and Joel's list, in the next two posts.

I realize that they are long posts and I apologize for that, but I couldn't figure out a better way of doing this.

Feel free to disagree and criticize the selections - the intent was to expose two (totally different :) points of view.


MizEllie said...

Thanks for the lists! Having grown up where there was a dearth of Jewish music (or Jews for that matter!) I have some catching up to do!

YK said...

Hey Mizellie,

Where are you from?

There are great talents in JM, but we have been flooded by artists who are not creative nor original, who are just trying to sell albums for a public that buys whatever is out there.

But if you know what to buy, there's good stuff out there to buy.