Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baal Haturim on Music

Not being allowed to listen to music until Tisha B'av makes us realize how much "addicted" to music we are and how much we enjoy it.

The Baal Haturim on Parshas Matot comments that the word "LeAnot" appears twice in the Tanach; once in this passage (that speaks of cases in which the wife has vowed and the husband has the power to cancel the vow) and once more in Tehilim "(Lamnatzeach) al Machalat LeAnot", where it refers to a musical instrument. This indicates that if a woman vowed not to listen to musical instruments, her husband can defer her vow, for her vow is considered to be a vow that causes personal affliction to her (The husband may only cancel vows that affect their relationship or a vow that inflicts personal affliction to his wife).

May the days of Eternal Joy come fast and we will all rejoice with Mashiach, dancing with the most beautiful music of all times.


YK said...

Note: In our days this wouldn't be a problem. The wife would still be able to listen to A.K.A. Pella

Anonymous said...

Now THERE'S something that would cause personal affliction.

YK said...

great line man

Shmuel & Daniel said...

I know that I post at the wrong place, it is an inquiry of an information which appeared a long times ago on your blog, as I checked out yesterday at a party where Ohad sang, Moskovits is not Sfarad but 100% Hungarian

YK said...

Shmuel & Daniel

I wrote that based on a friend's info, but shortly after I heard otherwise, like you are saying. Check the original post, I commented later there that it was really odd to be Sephardi and have such an ashkenazi last name.

Tks anyways. Since then I check and recheck my in my sources.


Joel said...

Put up some more top tens! top ten albums of all time? you need some more posts perhaps more than once a month.

YK said...

Hey Joel

I actually thought about posting the worst ten of all time. I think that's even more challenging, specially now that we have so many junky stuff out there.

But I'll leave it for some time later, cause I don't like to stick to the same. I want to post something different.

As I wrote in the other thread: why not a Joel post?

I'm in London for a few weeks and could't find anything worth of a post so far.