Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spotify and Jewish Music

Now available in the US for a few months already, the much hyped Spotify music platform offers what is the very best Jewish Music subscription out there now.

Spotify has a freemium model - you can actually listen everything for free but for 10usd a month you have mobile access and no ads. I opted in without knowing that there was such a large selection of JM in it - really surprising.

You can find there A. Fried, Ohad, MBD, Gad Elbaz, Chaim Israel, Shlsheles, Chevra, Carlebach and even some lesser known singers like Gershon Veroba, Menachem Phillip and many more.

Notable exceptions I noted were Yaakov Shwekey and Lipa but I'm that will not be for long.

All in all, the ease of use of Spotify plus all the JM content is irresistible - you can use it in your PC, iPad, iPhone and Android.

For many years it seemed like Jewish Music would eventually have to succumb to the iTunes model, although the JM producers did their best to prevent that. But now it's clear to me that the real game changer is Spotify, with its cool social-sharing featuers where you can share your playlists with your facebook friends.


Anonymous said...

spotify is awesome for the listener but for the artist its less than pennies. The big secular artists have been screaming bloody murder for months now. I'm an artist with a bunch of stuff up there, I had $13.87 from 3524 plays. That's roughly $0.0039 cents per play. Not even close to a penny.It's not even the same amount as a CD.

YK said...

Most people will still buy CD's to listen in the car. Furthermore, I think very few people know that there's Jewish Music in Spotify so I believe your earnings will be significantly higher when people start using Spotify, which landed in the US just a few months ago.

young composers said...

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juliangreenfield said...

Jewish music subscriptions go online with easy share option.    

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