Monday, December 5, 2011

Continue or not to Continue

Even tough I'm pretty much retiring from this blog, it keeps getting very good traffic without any effort from my part.

I'm spending all my blogging time in my Safrut blog but this one continues to keep steam somehow.

As much as I like to review and comment about the Jewish Music scene, I'm unsure there's still a need for it today. So I pretty much get discouraged to spend time writing, listening and buying the latest JM gear.

Which leads me to the big q' - to continue or not to continue?


Berish said...

Please do, I think you reviews are the most honest out there!

Daniel said...

Agreed! Informative, unique, well-thought out posts! Please continue, YK!

BigFan said...

With life of rubin gone and replaced with copycat jewish music blogs (websites) that are just pr wings for the labels, we have nothing! I thought you would at least provide that breath of fresh air and honesty.