Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Jewish Star vs American Idol

A Jewish Star will soon move to the next stage, and VIN released a list of the more popular contestants.

As the show moves on, one thing is clear - the voting system is tricky. Why? let's first look at American Idol's system, which was the inspiration for this show. In American Idol, a panel of unknown judges judge hundreds of thousands of contestants around the US, choosing the more interesting auditions. This always includes bad contestants, who will be later be made fun of. But aside from these, the contestants who pass have good voices. In the next stage, they appear in front of a panel of star judges, like Steven Tyler and J. Lopez this year, who will choose the ones they approve. Only in the next stage - stage 3 - the public kicks in to pick their favorites.

A Jewish Star's format is very different - the "public", that is, registered voters, solely decide who will pass to stage 2. Some commenters have raised valid questions:
anonymous says:

Just because these guys have lots of friends to vote for them, doesn’t make them a good singer! They should be judged by their voice and talent (by the 3 judges), not by the amount of votes they got because they are popular. This is not supposed to be a popularity contest! There are others who should to be on this list and some on this list that shouldn’t!!! I hope others agree with me!

I partly agree with Anon. I would put it differently - why do you need the panel of judges of the public will be choosing who will pass? However, the public should be involved as this is the secret of American Idol's success. So who should decide - public or judges?

I think that it should be more like American Idol - the top ten should be chosen be the panel of experts and only in the next stage the public would pick their favorites. The current voting system leaves an open door to weak contestants who can find a way to arrange backing from the voting "public".

I would like to stress that I was from the early enthusiasts of this show and I still think it's a great idea. But there's room for improvement and I believe my criticism is constructive. A few golden contestants were left out and with this other system I think they would have very good chances of going to stage 2.


Anonymous said...

Is it because YOUR favorites did not go through? hahahahaha

Listen man, ALL 20 are good singers. Yes, there might be a couple who should have made it and vise verse but in general, the public did a great job.

P.S. I have seen some massive campaigning on Facebook by some not so good contestants and the campaigning did not help them one bit. Proving that the public is not stupid and generally gets it right. The judges on the other hand can be biased (and many believe they got it wrong last year)....

YK said...

A. Fried can pick a winner better then 99.9% of the public. If you think the public understands music more than him, or even Eli G, well you clearly overestimate the voters.


Anonymous said...

its not normal, i mean some of these contestants on the list, there voice is clearly, openly,(purposely?) and completely computerized during there whole song! i am not sure how these people are going to be able to actually sing on stage, but one thing i can assume is that there gonna sound a heck of a lot different,unless they get an auto tuned mike that is :)

Anonymous said...

To YK, A. Fried is a great singer but that does not make him a great critic these are two totally different things. Ultimately the public are the ones buying tickets to concerts and buying CDs and they know what they like.

To Anon, are you a contestant who did not make top 20? .... enough said