Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Jewish Star: The Top 3

Just came across COLlive's video where the three judges debate each of the top 10 contestants. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the judges were very straightforward and didn't play safe, specially Avraham Fried, JM's new Simon. Who would expect that? I was expecting some bias towards the Chabad niggunim but the judges were consistent, transparent and on the ball. Ohayon and Binyamim Moshe (quoting Peilin, "Adir Ran with a good voice"!) were sure winners, while the third post was open and Sadon took it.

March 7th is fast approaching and this competition has been great for JM. But between Ohayon and Moshe who will win? I'm all in for Ohayon, surely the next Jewish Star!

And the Top 3 Finalists Are... from on Vimeo.

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That video was very entertaining, thanks!