Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jerusalem Great Synagogue New Chazzan

Chazzan Chaim Adler, who was the chief Chazzan of Tel Aviv's Great Synagogue became the new Chief Chazzan of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue. Although I previously wrote that his chances of getting the post were high or very high, this comes as a surprise since I know they tried to get Chazzan Motzen. Adler had a stable position in a prestigious Shul and I never thought he would actually make the switch, but I'm happy he did - the kahal likes him very much and he is one of the best Chazzanim out there now.

I just wonder how much he will change the Synagogue's Nusach, specially the High Holidays nusach. Remains to be seen!

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Anonymous said...

whats the nusach difference between him and the shul?