Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Return of The Phoenix - Michoel Streicher's New Album

For those of you who never heard about Streicher, he was very popular in the early 90's and has a few classics that are still heard here and there in more Chassidish gatherings.

His most famous song is Koach Hatorah (now you understand the email featured in the poster) and Streicher was famous for his good range and powerful voice. However, he was never one of the show-biz guys, probably didn't even have an agent - he was just one of the typical JM's-early-90's success stories.

But from day to night he vanished and it was years since I last heard of him. Gruntig actually uncovered a recent vid of him ("Long Lost Streicher is Finally Found"), but his voice seems to have passed its prime there. So it was with great surprise that I saw this poster just today. This is Streicher second album with a son - the first was with his older son Dovid.


Lucky Wolf said...

This is very intenerating. He was once a real Litvesher, and now with a full beard, and look at the son!

He was in LA for a little while two years last year. Many of my friends were in yeshiva there where Michoel would hang out a lot. I never thought he would release another album. Good for him!

YK said...

i also don't get it.
i saw him live some 10 years ago - the shtarkest of the shtarks - with the most Yeshivish tunes and everything.

I will try to get a preview so we can see how his voice is doing.


Anonymous said...

It makes me sick that so many people don't know the truth about him. This guy has stolen thousands of dollars from innocent people. Rabbi Heineman in Baltimore forbid him from ever entering the community, and said it is not Loshon Horah to make it known to others. Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum wrote an article trying to expose who he really is. He stole a huge sum of money from a poor almonah, and he has stolen from hundreds of others as well. He is currently on trial for one of his scams. I have first hand knowledge of this.

Anonymous said...

now he is going to jail