Sunday, November 2, 2008

2008 JM Awards - Update

All the categories have been posted, finally. Throughout the past two days I added two categories and it looks like it needs no change; all we have to do is sit and wait. We have two months, and that's plenty time. For the two new polls I used more input from the threads, so there are more options.

Meanwhile, I'm not really planning to post so much. So keep spreading the word and we will see what happens in two months. Most people don't check this blog more than once a month anyways, so it's pointless to jump to any conclusions just a day after the voting started.

As I said previously, I will be revealing my own picks and explanation after the close. I've invited Joeflix to reveal and explain his picks as well. I will soon go after the other JM bloggers to see if they are interested in taking part too, but I can't guarantee anyone else will agree to participate.

The categories are:
- Best Song of 2008
- Best Album of 2008
- Best Debut Singer of 2008
- Best Arrangement of 2008
- Worst Song of 2008

This last category was added because so many of us are sick of the traditional "fillers" that come by so often. 2008 should be the year of their extinction.

Spread the word!


JoeFlix said...

I hated Lipas song Torah Shebichsav and its my pick for worst song - but in fairness...

The main reason this song is a flop is because the words are very stupid. The tune is OK and so is the music - now I hear the song was set to better words ('Shiro' something) but Lipa had to change it for some reason (??) so he left the arrangement and glued on new words in a haste and thats why the vocals and lyrics are a mess.

YK said...


i can't comment much since I didn't listen to Lipa's album properly yet.

Hesech Daas is pretty pointless too; I'm not sure yet who I'll for this one..


Joel said...

Im going to go out on a limb here. Torah Shebichsav is one of the best songs on the Lipa album. I dont understand the backlash against this song. It sounds good and its catchy. You see Klein you started all this negativity. I just counted seven songs on the album that are not as good as Bichsav baal Peh.
By the way JoeFlix shouldn't your alias be JoePix since photos are your zach. If you are a movie buff give me your top ten of all time.

YK said...

I personally do not dislike Torah shebichtav so much, but it was mentioned in the thread and I put it in. And it got a few votes, so it seems a few people disagree with - that's the nature of a poll.

This whole format is a test-drive - it's the first interactive awards to date, so you should put everything in context and not expect perfection. In fact, fewer people voted in the worst song award, so it seems many agree with you. But I can't cancel the poll now.

About Joe, he wrote many great reviews and has earned his place in JM discussions in the past month - not only in my blog. About the photo thing, I don't see anything wrong with multi-tasking.


JoeFlix said...

YK - Thanks

Joel - ever heard of Flickr? If not Google it, or rather, Yahoo it.

And for me, having listened to Lipa's CD about fifty times - I drive alot - Torah Shebichsav is the filler.

Anonymous said...

so benny amar takes the lead....this is getting heated

YK said...

oh yeah, and that has been going on for a while already. but mayer always comes back

and in the best song is even tighter

you voted benny?


Anonymous said...

yes i voted benny all the way, i love his album...mayer is ok, but imho nothing new to the music world...benny has much more originallity in his material

YK said...

amar is great and indeed more original, but if you are looking for the most original guy this year it's easy - shuli rand