Tuesday, August 26, 2008


* I will be posting less frequently until after Elul, as we get closer to the Yamim Noraim and all else.

* I originally planned to write a review on Yeedle's latest album and I even went to the music store in Geula to get it, but after a quick look in the album I lost my interest. Yeedle's album sounded too typical to me, but I can't judge just from a few minutes here and there. I will probably eventually change my mind and buy it anyways, since I did like his last album, so stay tuned. My good friend JoeFlix has posted a review on it, alongside with a piece on Yossi Mayer.

* Pruzanski, one of my favorite soloists, released a video version of his hit You're Watching Me. Credit goes to Gruntig, the best Jewish video blog.


JoeFlix said...

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for calling me "Good Friend"

YK said...

Bruchim Hanamtzoim. Didn't get much fish, but summertime just rocks.

Post more reviews!


Lucky Wolf said...

Thanks for your kind words.

Talking about Yeedle's cd, i think it's a fantastic album. i did a road trip recently and i listened to the cd over and over agian. I love it.

Anonymous said...

great video, thanks

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon this forum since i am interested in the reviews you guys write. Pruzanski I give credit for -- he keeps pushing and pushing and gets around. He did nicely with his video clips. As for Yeedle, wow wow -- the detail in his singing and his songs is off the charts. The guy knows what is good and how to deliver. He just takes forever to release something and it is annoying. He has got to be more on the concert circuit in America