Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JoeFlix Daily

I have been following closely Mr Joeflix's blog for the last weeks and I was left asking myself why wasn't I able to come up with the same idea. Of course, there are millions of photo blogs but this one is more or less directed to the same public I target in my blog and considering that, like music, photography is a very wide field, JoeFlix Daily is right on.

But aside from that, the concept behind it is cool. There are two types of blogs. Some are "dictatorial", where only one person controls all the content - the posts and sometimes comments (moderation) - and is solely responsible for the direction of the blog. But there are also the "collaborative" blogs, which have gotten a lot of attention lately, where the readers have more interaction and are often times even more in the spotlight than the blog owners. That's the kind of blog Mr JoeFlix runs; even I became one of the members of the crew.

Besides JM I'm a photography enthusiast and I wish long life to JoeFlix Daily. If you are not aware of my works as a photographer check these shots. More will be coming in the next weeks ii"H.

Although my blog is not a collaborative blog, I would like to reiterate how much I like the collaborative concept and welcome again guest posts and differing opinions, even if they clash with mine. I don't moderate and I will try to keep it that way so everyone can have a space here.


JoeFlix said...

Thanks, YK - this is very kind. All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Y. good blog, very interesting, keep it up

Barry S.

YK said...

Thanks :)