Tuesday, April 1, 2008

8th Note Finally comes to Israel

The 8th Note is finally out here in Israel and the review will come soon. Meanwhile, Jewish Blogmeister says he found Yossi Green's real inspiration for the song Al Todin, posted today. If you don't get it, check here and here.


Imanuel said...

No kidding.
It took the guys in Israel no more than a WEEK to begin putting the album on the market since they had it shipped from the states.

Talking with the man at Grintech's shop in Geula, he told me that they wanted to delay it for few days so they had an opportunity to sale some more before it reaches Galpaz and Noam.

Chaim Rubin was already listening it for a week while I was doing my best to disturb him by sending him an email every hour...

YK said...

It indeed came to Israel quicker than usual. A week is quick. Shwekey's for example took a long time to come.

I emailed Chaim two times in my whole life.



YK said...

And since you viciously accused me of spamming Chaim, you can see screenshots of all my emails. I have nothing to hide.

Cheers again,


Imanuel said...

I never accused you. I was the one who sent emails to CR...

BTW: I've managed today to listen to the 8th note album more times than viewing Rick Astley's clip. It amounts to many many times if you think of it.