Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brief Comment on Gertner

I was planning to write a review on Shloime Gertner, but the whole world seems to be saying the same thing over and over – he’s voice is plain, nothing special. I obviously agree and I realized that writing a full review is pointless in this case.

Gertner is not the first newcomer who has average vocals. This is a trend in JM, we see it every so often. The best example is Yehuda!, who was also nothing special in his first album Modim (the one with a lion alongside him) but managed to become one of the most talented singers today. He wasn’t half as good when he started, but today he is a dynamic singer. He has even started to arrange, compose and produce his albums. In other words, the sluggish start was just a prelude of what was coming.

Another example is Shloime Dachs, who had an annoying voice at first but has improved his vocals over time. I believe that because there are few good singers in JM today, the public seems to be patient with the newcomers, and as long as they sound decent people become excited of what will be coming in the future from this new talent. Shloime Gertner fits this profile. He is good, but far from great. I, just like everyone else, hope he follows Yehuda!’s footsteps by working on himself to be a more dynamic singer, with more energy and sweetness. He has the potential.


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shloime gertner is the best!!!