Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome to JMF!

I started this blog because I felt that there was a lack of websites discussing JM in the web in a serious and honest way. There are a handful blogs who are actually very good, like Aryeh's JM Blog and Blog in Dm, but I always found myself looking for more reviews and posts in the web to no avail. I will post my impressions and comments about singers, albums and other interesting and relevant topics in Jewish Music and hopefully I will be successful in having you coming back often.


Ariel said...

Cool blog!

I hope to read more reviews from you - even though I mostly don't understand the music terminology, or I should say, I don't hear it (High part, low part? Ends with a sharp note?) - I still like the music though.

My favorite singer right now is Yehuda Dym - has he done anything else besides Gal Einay and Shuvy?

YK said...

Hey Ariel, Tks for stopping by.

I also like Yehuda Dym. He was never very popular here in the US but he has a lot of listeners in Israel (he's Israeli). Shuvy was his greatest hit, but he has some other good songs. A few years after Shuvy he made another album, Gal Einai. If you liked his first album, I think the second one is in the same level. There two hit songs in the second album - Gal Einai and Hiskabtzu (a great slow song like Shuvy). You can buy it at

Regarding your first question, 90% of the contemporary jewish songs are divided in two parts, one low and one high part. Think of any song from Shlomo Carlebach and you should be able to identify this musical structure (there are few exceptions..). The low part is much easier to sing and the song gains momentum in the (second) high part.

The white tabs in a piano are "natural notes"; the black tabs are "sharp notes" i.e. intermediary notes between the natural notes.


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